Holistic Viewpoint™ products are based on Thomas Acupuncture’s CoLymph Theory, resulting from our in-depth research and teachings, as well as our clinical practice of Eastern medicine and acupuncture. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional organic tea products and herbal supplements of the highest quality. Our products are carefully formulated using evidence and knowledge supported by both Eastern and Western medicine, combined with over 20 years of our clinical experience.


Holistic Viewpoint™ herbal, tea, and mushroom-based products are created from premium raw ingredients, which have all undergone thorough inspections to ensure the highest quality possible. Our manufacturing partners are GMP certified and have their US facilities registered through the FDA. Our skincare products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients. They are manufactured through our partner cosmetic company, which uses a Leaping Bunny-certified facility and never tests on animals. Holistic Viewpoint works with our manufacturers to establish a mutual commitment of quality, safety, and purity in order to ensure superior final products for you to enjoy and benefit from.